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Partnered with Think Tank Media Limited in providing news update of the local business community, we are a team of individuals from different fields, brought together by the same ambitions. We strive towards establishing shared digital platforms for enterprises, enabling them to jump out of the side-lines and broadcast to the larger world of international business community.

Our team has approached this goal by holding a variety of entrepreneurial seminars over the years and has planned additional activities to foster a greater understanding of different industries, enriching our business profiles for the target audiences.

Starting from October 2022, T-Sources has become a channel powered as “T-Sources of the Naxis’ Digital Fulfilment Experience.

For detail of Naxis, please visit www.naxis-world.com.

Our Mission

T-Sources focuses on using an online platform as a boost for SMEs and entrepreneurs: Firstly, T-Sources provides entrepreneurs with online resources and connections to make their dreams a reality and to engage their businesses with professional brand-marketing schemes to maximise business growth. Secondly, T-Sources links international brands, service providers, and professionals with local SMEs and other business communities to achieve global outreach. Thirdly, T-Sources serves as bridge for international co-operation and cross-broader investment.

Our Vision

In the near future, T-Sources strives to set standards amongst SMEs and entrepreneurs as a solid foundation for global connection and entrepreneurial information. With online resources and support from professional brand-communications experts, T-Sources envisages a digital platform being used as a jump-off point for start-ups to “break the boundaries”, and achieves success.

How We Achieves This

Comprehensive Listing Platform

We operates a comprehensive listing platform where service providers can showcase their offerings and service seekers can explore a wide range of options. The platform is designed to make it easy for both parties to find and connect with each other based on their specific requirements.

Advanced Search and Filtering

We incorporates advanced search and filtering functionalities, allowing service seekers to refine their search based on criteria such as location, industry, expertise, and more. This enables them to find the most relevant and suitable service providers for their needs.

Verified Providers

We ensures the authenticity and reliability of service providers by implementing a verification process. Service providers are carefully vetted to validate their credentials and expertise, giving service seekers peace of mind when engaging with them.

Personalized Recommendations

We leverages algorithms and user preferences to provide personalized recommendations to service seekers. By analyzing their requirements, past searches, and interactions, T-Sources suggests service providers that align with their specific needs and preferences.

Communication and Collaboration Tools

We offers communication and collaboration tools within its platform, enabling seamless interaction between service providers and service seekers. This facilitates efficient communication, negotiation, and finalization of service agreements.

Feedback and Reviews

We encourages service seekers to provide feedback and reviews about their experiences with service providers. This feedback helps build trust and transparency in the community, allowing future service seekers to make informed decisions based on the experiences of others.

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